Saturday, March 21, 2015

Feeling the Squirrelly Muse

I've been back at the page again recently, revising my manuscript for Squirrel Superhighway, which is in the process of being illustrated.  This newest children's picture book is my personal tribute to the lovely forest community of Lytle Creek, California, where I owned a small house that I lived in for two periods of five years each.  My son and I share several fond memories of this location, including the many times my little dog, Possum, attempted to interact with the squirrels gracefully gliding from tree limb to telephone pole and back to another tree branch, all on their own private superhighway.  

Likewise, in Squirrel Superhighway, a dog would like to become a squirrel since he admires them so much (and who wouldn't?).  However, he discovers through a series of attempts to be more squirrel-like that he is much better at being a dog.  He then learns to appreciate who he is, which I believe is something we could all learn more about--appreciating ourselves for being who we already are.  I hope you will enjoy this new creation when it is available!

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