Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Orson Welles -- The Other Side of the Wind -- Indiegogo


Please join me in supporting a cause that is near and dear to my heart--the unfinished work of the late, great Orson Welles.  If you reserve a digital download of the movie for yourself for $30, you will help this film become a reality.  If you are interested in some of the other perks, there are many to choose from, including luxurious terry cloth robes and even a box of cigars.  Please visit the Indiegogo site and pledge today!  Thank you!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Squirrelly Shenanigans Soon!

Hello, everyone!  The light is green for Squirrel Superhighway, as there is a contract on its way this month!  

Please keep a look out for posts regarding the progress of my latest children's picture book about squirrels, more squirrels, even more squirrels, and a dog who wants to be a squirrel!  Thank you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guest Blog at New Tech Network

Hello, everyone!  Please see my guest blog up at New Tech Network where I talk about the value and merits of project-based learning from a mom's point of view.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in the book tour!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the book tour!  I appreciate the many reviews, interviews, and opportunities to guest blog!  I hope everyone continues to enjoy Green Gooey Goop, and please be on the lookout for my newest books as they are released.  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Latest Interview Regarding Green Gooey Goop

Hello!  Please enjoy the latest interview regarding Green Gooey Goop, which is up at Authors & Readers Book Corner.  Thank you!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Feeling the Squirrelly Muse

I've been back at the page again recently, revising my manuscript for Squirrel Superhighway, which is in the process of being illustrated.  This newest children's picture book is my personal tribute to the lovely forest community of Lytle Creek, California, where I owned a small house that I lived in for two periods of five years each.  My son and I share several fond memories of this location, including the many times my little dog, Possum, attempted to interact with the squirrels gracefully gliding from tree limb to telephone pole and back to another tree branch, all on their own private superhighway.  

Likewise, in Squirrel Superhighway, a dog would like to become a squirrel since he admires them so much (and who wouldn't?).  However, he discovers through a series of attempts to be more squirrel-like that he is much better at being a dog.  He then learns to appreciate who he is, which I believe is something we could all learn more about--appreciating ourselves for being who we already are.  I hope you will enjoy this new creation when it is available!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sick Kid + Unusually Busy Week = Exhausted Mom!

When we don't feel well, it doesn't matter what age we are; our bodies, minds, and souls need attention.  My poor kid, who is a teenager, felt beyond awful this past week, and he still doesn't feel well today.  He had a high fever that went up and down for four days, and he couldn't be far from the bathroom.  He didn't want to eat, and forcing him to drink water took a lot of energy.

We all know the drill as moms.  Our needs are set aside in order to take care of our children, who are always first priority.  Seeing my taller-than-me son huddled in a blanket, shaking uncontrollably with chills in a 79-degree house was more than I could take.  I just wanted to hug him all day, but I had to go to work, and when I was home, I had to grade papers and close out a couple online classes, complete with extra final grading.

It's not like when he was a baby, and I could put him on my lap while I type.  I stayed with him as long as I could, delivering cinnamon applesauce, his favorite grey, fleece-lined sweatshirt and navy blue fleece sheets, organic lemonade, and many huge glasses of water.  I propped him up with his tablet so he could watch YouTube or Crunchy Roll.  I brought him his phone so he could text with his friends after they were done with school.  I brought him everything I could and stayed next to him for every minute possible.

Then I had to do my work.  Talk about guilt!  I wish I could just say, "Sorry, final grading deadline!  My son is ill.  I'll be back in a week!"  But I can't.  None of us can do that.  We moms all know the feelings of guilt for having to work when our kids are sick.  What is there to do?  He's still sick, and I will always have work to do.  However, I put him first in my priority list, and I believe he knows that, or at least, I hope he does.

I take care of him first, which means that four hours of sleep a night sometimes is a reality for me as I wash extra towels and clean the bathrooms more often than usual and run back and forth to and from the kitchen with chicken noodle soup and crackers.  It's all worth it, though, because one day, he will feel better again, and he will say thank you, and give me a hug, and then he will argue with me about doing his homework, and all will be normal again.  And then I can sleep.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Another 5-star review!

Another 5-star review for Green Gooey Goop!  Please visit to read it!  Thank you!