Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sewing Machines, or the Lack Thereof

Good morning!  As I sip on my newest Nutribullet creation (Acai, pineapple, melon, and romaine), I am grateful for the extra energy that all these fruits and veggies provide, as I have more work to do this morning than I normally would because last night was spent mainly in the garage.  My son's friend has a school project where the students are sewing together a quilt.  My son's group is not sewing yet, but they might in the future.  I wish I had been given a project like this when I was in high school!  The boys' school is part of the New Tech Network, and classes are project-based.  They are asked to act, draw, build, present, and now even sew!  I think it's great that they are assigned creative projects where they get to express themselves in different ways instead of just writing endless reports full of dry research. They really get to engage in the material and interact with the subject matter.

Anyway, so he needs to sew, and I know I have (or had) a sewing machine somewhere.  I distinctly remember having a sewing machine and sewing things when my son was much younger.  So, we tore apart all the boxes (and there are many, many boxes) looking for my sewing machine.  It was like a second Christmas!  I found my framed Disney prints.  I found my undergrad diploma and graduation hat.  I found boxes of toys, clothes, and sporting equipment.  I found a lot of paperwork I don't want to go through right now (or ever).  I found spiders.  I found my sewing box, patterns, and fabric.  I found the power supply--possibly for the sewing machine.  I found the removable base of the sewing machine.  Did we find the sewing machine itself?  No.  No, we did not.

One thing we did find, and I'm glad we did, is a big box full of photo albums.  Remember when cameras used film?  Well, I used a lot of film.  I have loved photography since my first 110 film camera in the mid-1970s when I was in elementary school.  My first photos were of a school trip to Marineland, and I remember feeling so proud of myself for taking them, as I was about 7 or 8 years old.  I have no idea what happened to those pictures, but the photo albums I found are in the time range from a few years before my son was born to when my son was three years old. My son was shocked by the amount of photos I had.  He told me I "wasted a lot of money on film."  I disagree.  Moments are meant to be remembered and treasured.  Photos thrust me back into the moments and bring them alive again.

Each photo holds a story, some good, some not as good, but all are powerful.  While I did not find the sewing machine itself, I found photos of my son wearing pajamas that I created for him, which is proof that I once owned a sewing machine and used it with love.  While this doesn't help with the school project, it warmed my heart to know that I was able to provide these moments for my son, and now we have these photos, we can return to them whenever we wish.  This particular moment is full of Christmas cheer, innocence, and lovingly uneven hems.  In other words, it's perfect.

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