Monday, January 5, 2015

A Healthy Start

It was time to stop putting it off.  I needed to dust it off and use it.  I am referring to not only this blog but also the unopened NutriBullet box sitting next to my chair in the living room.  The holidays are over, the kid is back in school, I have deadlines looming and a list of things to do, but how can I get it all done and remain positive if I'm not eating healthfully?  How can I continue to market my newest book, based on eating healthfully, if I'm snacking on cookies and fruitcake and sucking down hot cocoa every five minutes?  This book (GGG) is based on when I would slurp down a Naked Juice Green Machine (or something similar) for breakfast each day, and I would try to offer some to my son.  His response was generally imaginative but always a polite, firm no.  My response needed to be yes again, for myself.

I had already read the instructions online, and I knew I should go shopping for ingredients, but I also knew that I probably had enough to get started right away.  I opened the box and rinsed all the cups and blades in hot, soapy water.  Then there was no more putting it off.  I rinsed off a handful and a half of romaine (there goes my Caesar salad for lunch), crammed in a banana (I would have eaten that with my vitamins anyway), and tossed in some frozen strawberries and pineapple.  I topped it all off with a scoop of chia seeds, filled the water to the max line, screwed on the lid, and popped it into the stand.

I'm not sure how long it needed to extract (blend), but it seemed like a long time--too long.  As I was looking for an off switch, I accidentally pulled the plug out of the wall, so that meant it was done, apparently.  It probably was done.  It was done enough.  Then came the moment of truth.

I looked at it for a while.  I gave it a gentle sniff.  It smelled like Caesar salad and banana.  I wasn't entirely sure of this combination.  Maybe I should have used one of the recipes in the book.  I followed the basic pattern of what should be added, but there are much tastier recipes available.  Finally, I gave it a sip, and it tasted pretty good!  Strawberry banana was all I tasted.

I really miss having my "liquid spinach" for breakfast, and now I can make it myself.  I will head to the grocery store soon and pick up a huge bag of spinach and some more bananas and whatever else looks good.  This will become a healthy habit for the new year and beyond, and maybe the kid will someday agree to try some.  I can hope.

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  1. Nutribullet should never be left running more than a minute. Pulsing is good. My son uses this every day 2 or 3 times a day. A good rule of thumb for it tasting good is to use half fruit and half veggie. You can leave the skin on the bananas for extra nutrition. Never eat apple seeds. Avocados make it creamy and nutritious. Frozen fruit add a smoothy affect. Adding coconut or almond milk makes it smoother also. You can add many veggies and then heat up for a creamy soup. Fluff your eggs. Make a base for a chunkier soup. I put a whole orange in and added to fresh cranberries before cooking. Delicious for the holiday meals.This is a wonderful machine. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Thank you, Susan! I am still learning how to use this, and everything I discover seems wonderful. I can even use it to make hummus. This will be great! Thank you for your suggestions!


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