Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the (Blogging) Saddle

I'm not going to follow the rules.  I'm a person, not just a writer.  I may blog about writerly things, or I may blog about personal things, or I may combine the two.

I'm not going to worry so much about collective feelings anymore.  Mine are enough, and they matter, too.

I will blog when I'm available, and in the mood.  And when I'm not here, well...I won't be here.

I may not have time to read your blog.  If I do have time, I will.  I care about what you have to say.  But I don't always have time to read the words, or to catch up when I've been away.  I usually will comment when I read them, though.

I am not trying to build up a large readership, so I won't be posing writerly questions at the end of each entry.  If you wish to comment, please do so.  Go ahead!

I may not respond to your comments.  But I do read them, and appreciate what you have to say, and the fact that you are communicating with me.  I adore the blogging community.  And yes, I find it necessary to screen the comments first.

I'm busy.  Make that a capital B.  Busy.  All the time.  But I need this outlet.

And I am removing the gag from my fingertips.  All censorship is out the window.

You can like what you read, or not.  It's up to you.  But I'm me.  And I'm not going to change.

No more apologies.  You get what you get.  You don't have to like it.  But I need to be here.


Yay, comments! I adore comments! Thank you! (They will appear after I release them).