Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Walk or Not to Walk

I haven't been blogging lately, sorry, but I had plenty of time at two separate doctor's visits yesterday, and the auto shop the day before, to observe humanity, to read, and to curl inside myself and hide while my foot was poked and prodded and pulled.

Unfortunately, there is an issue with the lack of authorization for physical therapy, and my ankle is not where it should be on the healing scale. I think it is fair to use the word depressed to describe my total state of being ever since, oh, even before the surgery, but this week, it blasted in super force. So I wasn't ready to face the blogging world, or the other world (there's some overlap, but not much), and I hibernated for a while. And now I have been forced to take action I didn't want to take in order to try to obtain physical therapy, and to resolve some other issues with the medical "care" I've been "receiving." So that upsets me, along with everything else that complicates my life that is amplified because I'm upset about the health situation.

It breaks my heart (literally, because my blood pressure is through the roof and I suffered palpitations into the early morning hours today) just knowing that I could have been spared from pain and swelling if only the physical therapy had been approved, and no one, NO ONE, cared enough to authorize the referral for that OR for the daily pain in the other ankle, even after the second time I requested both, in writing.

They sent me a form letter, called me by someone else's last name, and wrote me off. I guess I'm expensive, but I'm worth it. I have to believe that or I would just crawl right back in bed this minute. I might do that anyway.

The good news is that at least I can wean myself out of the walking boot a few hours at a time in the next six weeks. I need to find new shoes for work, because I can't wear the tennis shoe on the other foot anymore. There is hope for my mood, though, because a friend of mine at work sent me a couple CD's of hand-picked better-than-coffee music to assist in the healing process.  Also, everyone knows what cheers women the most: shopping.

Want to go shopping with me?

I like these because they have built in arch supports and can go with either pants or skirts:

I also like these:

Hooray for human shoes!

Of course, I'll never wear heels again, but those aren't comfortable, anyway. I'm just glad I can walk.

Maybe someday...someday...I will be able to dance to the music playing on my speakers. But today, I will be happy knowing I can walk across the room and turn it on myself. A month ago, I couldn't even do that.


  1. Did someone say shoe shopping?????

    I'm sorry about the troubles you are having getting authorization for appropriate medical care. The whole process has to be frustrating to you. But, congrats on being able to walk across the room. That's some progress. I'll be thinking about you.

  2. High heels suck anyway. :) Good luck with working your way out of the boot. I'm sorry it's been such a tough go of it.

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