Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sent from my PDA as kind of an experiment

*Note:  Apparently, when blogging from my PDA, I can submit blogs without titles!  LOL  And here are the shoes.  :-)  What a great day!!!  I don't know how to save the spacing, though, so let's just consider this an experiment that is, shall we say, a tad avant garde?

I slept blissfully through the night and slipped on my brand new real
people shoes which are pink and grant wishes. The shoe genie granted
me the wish of a n afternoon spent enjoying balmy breezes, fresh baked
goods, and jazzy Beatles songs played on keyboard under a tree in the
park. All concerns regarding my medical stuation are gone with the
wind, and aside from a brief brush with unpleasantness early on, the
day has turned out to be exquisite.

Thank you, Shoe Genie!

I wish I could attach a picture of my shoes here but I am blogging
grom my pda. Much awesommeness just in that!!! Anyway, I uploaded
the pic to fb if you are my friend there. I will upload it here
later. Right now, I am going to continue walking and allowing the
breeze to massage my scalp while I listen to music and breathe deep.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like an absolutely gorgeous day. I'm so happy for you!

  2. There's a shoe genie? How cool! And, how can I get her to come to my house???

    ps . love the pink

  3. Hey, I want some of those shoes! I haven't yet tried blogging from my's Sprint's version of the iPhone. Usually I just write my blogs in advance and time delay them to go off, like daily bombs!

  4. I love that idea of time-delayed blogs! See what good things the shoe genie brings!


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