Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Night of the Living Crutch

I haven't been as available to the blogosphere as usual lately, and that trend shows signs of continuing indefinitely, so I apologize to any fellow bloggers who may feel slighted by the absence of my comments. I shall attempt to make it up to you in bits and chunks, as time will allow. And thank you for permission to ramble.

And now for some random anecdotes in no particular order:

1) Halfway to the doctor's office, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my brain, I mean, my crutches. Chivalry being alive and well in my world, my son offered to be my "living crutch." When the doctor arrived to the exam room, he asked where my crutches were. My son piped up, "It's Night of the Living Crutch," and even though it was daytime, we all enjoyed a nice laugh because he thought of that all on his own!

2) If you order the Volcano Box from Taco Bell, get a big drink, and situate yourself close to the water for refills. It tastes good, though.

3) No, I haven't done any writing lately. Or reading. Or blogging. My mind has completely surrendered to Robot Chicken. Thank you, Seth Green!

4) If you sent me a children's book to review, I ransomed two of them from the post office yesterday. They traveled as far as the kitchen table, and await my attention. I have to admit, I'm excited to write my first reviews. Please look for them soon!

5) I received an absolutely lovely postcard from Russia in the heap of paperwork the post office finally allowed me to touch and keep for myself. You'd think I was a ... nevermind, that's like shouting fire. I had to show them the boot and the crutches were real before they would believe it was really me, and they wouldn't even help me carry it all to the car. Anyway, thanks to Kit, I now must locate and appropriate some Russian finery such as crown jewels and wear them to an author's interview. Can't wait, want them now!

So, what duties have you been shirking lately in order to eat fast food and watch Adult Swim, I wonder? Or if not Taco Bell and time lapse photography action figures, what are the sins that allow procrastination on your end?

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  1. I love Taco Bell but I can't handle the excessively spicy stuff. Just a plain old taco for me!

  2. Okay, great! Now I have to go to Taco Bell. You made me hungry! :)


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