Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keep on Blogging

As a follow-up to yesterday’s entry, the dreams from this morning were not as conducive to fiction as the one from yesterday.  All I could remember from the time before the dogs woke me up at 1:22 a.m. was thinking that a giant, juicy spider was lodged between my little toe and the one next to it, and was biting me repeatedly.  Then, two and a half hours later, when I finally went back to sleep, I dreamed that someone was sitting next to me and biting my ear.  When I pushed them off of me in my dream, I woke up to a perturbed cat who wanted breakfast.  Another day in the life of an amateur zookeeper begins.  That reminds me, I really need to make arrangements to get the lizards back from my friend’s house in the mountains.


I’ve been reading a bunch of new blogs lately, and commented on a couple, but will comment more when I’m not at the day job.  Breaks and lunches only last so long and sometimes I actually do eat during my lunch break, too.  Chew, comment, swallow, that’s how you do it, right?  It’s nice to see so many different perspectives out there.  You’re worth the time in my busy life.  I love feeling connected to other writers.


Writing is such a paradox.  Writing is lonely, because we sit and pound out the words, shunning showers and balanced meals, and we can forget that other humans exist.  Yet, we also must network and expand our horizons to understand the full gamut of human emotion and experience, so we know many people, and we live and love, and are tons more social than the average bear.  But never both at one time.


I guess blogging is the middle ground.  Writing, yet connecting.  That’s what makes it special to me.  What keeps you blogging?



  1. I love connecting with other writers (and readers). The people in my life love me, but don't really get the whole writing thing. So it's nice to talk with other nerds like me. I mean, my husband doesn't exactly want to discuss adverbs over dinner, ya know?

  2. The connection thing for sure! Like Fiction Groupie said, the people close to me support me, but they don't quite understand the whole writing thing. Blogging gives me a chance to interact with other people who understand the whole writing thing.

  3. Yep, I love the connection, too! Especially when I've been confined to the house all summer.


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