Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health Not

I was filling out an emergency information form at work today, and one of the questions was the name of my medical insurance carrier. Instead of writing “Health Net,” I wrote “Health Not.” I did not mean to say that, but there you go, the truth slipped out.

Yesterday, I wrote a scathing letter to my primary care physician with a cc to Health Net Member Services regarding the lack of referrals for physical therapy on the ankle where surgery was performed and for treatment for the ankle that still needs surgery.

It occurs to me that I would never be allowed to display such utter incompetence and a total lack of compassion and honesty in my workplace, nor would I ever desire to do so.

Since the doctor’s office does not offer a fax number or an email address for patient usage, I sent the letter via Fed Ex, and they should receive it today. Either I will obtain my referrals, or I will use my PPO portion again to aggressively seek “care.”

Health Not. Yeah, that’s about right. Sorry if I seem a little bitter, but I never knew how the primary care physicians seem to exist in order to prevent care instead of provide it.


  1. If I get started on a rant about the state of health care in this country I will never stop.
    Love the Health Not. You got that right.

  2. That's funny--Health Not. I agree with everything you said. Let us know what happens.

  3. Health Not. LOVE IT! I had to deal with our doctor's office today re: my husband's refill. I kept telling myself "I'll be nice...I'll be nice" - b/c I feel very confident that they will label the outside of my husband's file with a bright pink sticker that reads "HAS BITCHY WIFE". I figure if animal vets can order stickers that read "WILL BITE", then doctors have the same options for their human patients.


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