Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brains Devoured

Zombies ate my brain. I was in a meeting all day today, and not one of those fun ones where people talk about books and writing, but one where they ask me questions relating to database restructure. Hopefully, my grey matter will regenerate overnight. ~hits pillow facedown~

Zombie Letters from e-zombie.com


  1. Sleep well, and I hope you are rested tomorrow!

  2. Thank you! Maybe in a few days I will feel more like myself. I really overdid it. Thx, though.

  3. Ick. Well, I work in IT and I've found that it really helps to have a job that doesn't zap my creative energy. I've worked in a creative capacity before and didn't feel like writing when I wasn't working.

  4. Meetings are definitely soul-sucking. Good luck on your recovery. :)


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