Monday, July 27, 2009

What I Should Be Doing Today vs. What I Actually Have Done Today

Things to do today:

Contact pharmacy. List stuff on ebay to sell. Bake a cake using the ancient frozen strawberries that are taking up room in the freezer. Apply for more adjunct positions at online colleges. Write out "what each character wants" for one of my WIP's. Do character mapping for same WIP. Return a phone call. Stay awake. Write a blog. Design a t-shirt. Redo my web pages. Redo my son's web pages. Upload photos from this weekend. Make a list of things to ask the doctor. Try not to think about having to go back to the J-O-B. Call to see if the air conditioning is fixed. Pay for said air conditioning to be fixed.

What I actually have done:

Contacted the pharmacy. Thought about t-shirt design. Wrote quasi-blog. Answered e-mail. Poked around on Facebook. Memorized entire Threadless catalog. Stopped by Cakewrecks. Discovered that I discarded the baking powder, so it's either a sponge cake, or a coffee cake or muffins made out of pancake mix, or no cake. Wished for more cream cheese to top with salsa. Sat on couch. Took bath. Got dressed. Brushed teeth. Wondered if son has a jacket because it's overcast. Talked to Angel for a few minutes and filled him in on witty t-shirt slogans at Threadless. Tried to stay awake. Made plans to use zuchini and onion for dinner. Defrosting sausage.

Favorite t-shirt slogan of the day: "Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow."

What I plan to do right now:

Turn on Netflix and close my eyes. Just for a few moments. The day is still half full.

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  1. Goes very nicely with my post today. I hear ya, sister!

  2. A former fellow MySpacer. Happy to find you here! I'm trying to transition over here to a more mature, professional reading/blogging experience. Anyway, your day sounds a lot like many of mine. There are the things you HOPE to get done and the things you actually do get done! They are rarely one and the same. I used to sell stuff on eBay and it's exhausting work. Every Sunday I'd list 15 or so items with pictures and descriptions, then I'd spend half the week packaging and taking it all to the post office. I finally burned out on all of it.

  3. Happy to see you here, too! That is my intention with this blog, as well. It's working so far! And as for ebay...yeah, I don't want to go to the post office, either.

  4. Speaking of t shirt designs, I came up with a (what I think is) cool idea for a Disturbed tee. Do you know if there are any copyright or other things concerning ideas that deal with people or stuff that is already out there?

  5. Yo Dave! As long as you are using free clip art, you are good to go. However, you should still be careful, because check out the guy who is suing Jamba Juice, and he used clip art, too, so nothing is sacred. Just make it your own in some special way. I would love to see what you've done!


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