Friday, May 22, 2009

Sugar for the Ham

Last night was AJ's school's spring musical, where all the kids in the elementary portion of the school dress up and sing, along with some choreography, while a few of the older children perform a skit. AJ dressed up from biblical times, like everyone else, and stood in the front row, hamming it up before the acts, during the acts, between the acts, and after the acts. He was wonderful. I took a lot of video. Not so many still shots. And I don't want to post pictures of any of the other students without their permission. But I can be a mom for a few minutes right now and post him as a ham and as a relaxing ham.

Here he is in the beginning:

From 09 April May

Resting between acts:

From 09 April May

I really don't think the music teacher knew that the 4th grade boys turned one of the songs into a cabaret act. And that one of the soloists center stage thinks she's J.Lo from the Fly Girls days. One of those boys thinks he's Fred Estaire minus the top hat and cane. I wish I could have joined them!

For one song, the lights were low, and they all had glow in the dark hearts that they uncovered. Of course, AJ made his beat out of his chest. After the show, he showed it to me and it was in a plastic baggie. I asked him why, and he said it was oozing yellow goo.

I told him his heart was overflowing. And he said, yes, with yellow goo.

And the moral of the story is: Nothing says love like yellow goo.

Oh, and they took my cookie pops and broke them into little pieces and presented them as slivers of their original creations. I didn't know this, because it was not communicated to me by the school, but the plan was to charge admission to the dessert room (the chapel) and then everyone can have as many sample-sized portions of the various desserts as they wish. I wish I had known that. I would have made the applesauce cranberry cookies, without the sticks, wrappers and ribbons.

But there was a lot of good sugar available. AJ's teacher made a couple good desserts in there, too, and there was just about anything you might ever want.


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