Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cookie Pops

Last night, I sacrificed some sleep so I could turn out these cookie pops for the bake sale at AJ's school today. I know, I could have baked them and assembled them and then froze them ahead of time, but there's no time like the last minute. Deadlines make life that much more thrilling. Woohoo!

AJ picked out the cookies he wanted me to make from The Cake Mix Doctor cookbook that I love. They look like lollipops, but are really cookies doctored from cake mix on a stick. And we all know that everything tastes better on a stick. AJ picked out green apple sprinkles, some nonpareils, and I found some sprinkles in the cabinet.

The first batch was sweet and sour because of the apple flavored topping, and the sticks didn't want to stay. By the second batch, we had the hang of sticking in the sticks, and the third batch went perfectly.

From 09 April May

From 09 April May

Of course, the kid went to bed, and I didn't. I stayed up late wrapping them all in cellophane and tying curly ribbons around them.

From 09 April May

As AJ brought them in to daycare this morning before school, the other kids crowded around him and tried to finagle some free cookie pops.

He said no. They would have to wait and pay for them later.

We kept some small ones for ourselves.

From 09 April May

Next time, I will make them larger, and try to put together a theme, like red, white and blue, or psychedelic, and use them for special occasions. I figure I can Kool-Aid dye the sticks and coordinate the toppings.

I'll do it earlier in the day, though.

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